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It all started years ago (1998), when T-Bounce started listening to Radio Internationaal (currently C-Dance), where they were often playing the first jumpers like Da Boy Tommy things & NRGY etc ... Since then, T-Bounce bought several cd's & singles. Also he started to try to produce some tracks in programs like Rebirth & MOD Plug Tracker, mostly hardcore & trance back then.

Years past by & in the beginning of 2001, hardstyle came to grow more & more, T-Bounce liked it so very much & started to produce it too, it became a huge success because many people (mostly Dutch because hardstyle is very famous there) liked it a lot! Even US producers & DJ's like Hard Mike came in contact with T-Bounce & remixed several tracks.

For several years, T-Bounce also mixed with cd decks & also with vinyls, T-Bounce mostly spins french tek, hardstyle & retro jump, because these are the styles he likes most.

He now hosts the Banging Beats Radio Show & Retro Beats In The Mix on Dance Star Radio.

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